Saturday, March 24, 2012

Call Me A Pussy

1 in 3, if not more, vaginas have experienced sexual assault in their lifetime. 

my vagina doesn't need to be censored, sewn up, called a slut, regulated, hated or feared. 

unfortunately, so many vaginas experience just that. 

we all came from a vagina. think about that. 

vaginas are strong, fearless. 

so go ahead, call me a pussy. 


Saturday, March 24 - 12th floor lounge
Sunday, March 25 - South Lounge
8 pm

$8 tickets go to Hope's Door & VDAY. 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Donut Day

Because every day is donut day. Today the V Rebels want to take a moment to give y'all a little information regarding our beneficiary.

This year we decided to donate our proceeds to Hope's Door, a non-profit organization in upstate New York dedicated to providing a safe haven for survivors of domestic violence. The programs offered at Hope's Door are free, confidential, and offered in English and Spanish. Programs and services include a 24-hour hotline, a 16-bed shelter service, safety planning, counseling, support groups, legal referrals, teen dating abuse prevention, and community education. The shelter aims to end domestic violence and support survivors during their healing process.

Hope's Door is an organization that has changed and will continue to change the lives of many women living in the New York area. To show your support for Hope's Door and the Vagina Monologues, buy a ticket to the performance! Tickets will be sold on the plaza next week, $8 for students and $10 for everybody else, and don't forget the dates: March 24/25 at 8pm. 100% of the proceeds are donated to the spotlight campaign on the women and girls of Haiti and Hope's Door. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Come One, Come All 2 the Vagina Artz n Craftz Show!

We're baaaaaccccckkk *maniacal feminist laugh* !!! *which is rly just a regular person laugh tbh

Let's kick off V-DAY season with VAGINA ARTZ N CRAFTZ. Create your own (or your favorite wink wink wink V-A-G-I-N-A) 

None of that representational, hidden, secret, Georgia o keefe s*** either!

like srsly Georgia O.K. our vaginas have hair 1st of all?

Let's B tru artists here, O.K.? Real artists do real (and/or surreal) vaginas mmmk? This is a part of a larger vagina artists movement that we're pretty sure exists. A movement that combats erection (of buildings). Like who built these penis monuments, me wonders?
Said monument and/or nuclear power* plant. yes a POWER plant. #patriarchy ?

If entire buildings and machinez r based to look like penises the LEAST we can do is make some arts and crafts of our vaginas - otherwise how will future generations even KNOW what vaginas look like? Isn't that what art is about... showing people what things look like? 
ex. this shows what my brain looks like after midterm week...or fending off sexists...or lobbying for birth control (ALL OF THE ABOVE ALL THE TIME!)
Was going to use this rocket as vibrator, but way 2 sharp *FEMINIST PROBLEMZ* Did you know vibrators are illegal in some states? ROCKETZ SHLD B ILLEGAL EVERYWHERE, THEY'RE LIKE 100 X BIGGER THAN VIBRATORS

So when the feminist dreams, we dream of houses, art, and sculptures that look like vaginas... oh wait that already exists? V-DAY SAFE HOUSES! They're all over the world - where we help women fight against sexual violence! This is where $ from Vagina Monologues goes to. That's pretty much why we do everything we do, ever. Crafty vaginas or not. 

V day safe house for girls in Kenya, a shelter and education center for girls against genital mutilation. 

But hopefully one day we won't need safe houses because the world will be a safe place for girls around the world. 

Hopefully Vagina Artz n Craftz will soon b blase because of all the vagina shaped buildings being erected (eh em or should we say... coming?) to town. 


BYOM (bring ur own markers n materials if u like, we'll have some too though!) 

More about VDAY safe houses around the globe:VDAY OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Remember When We Said...?

That we're sick and tired of sexual harassment being viewed as simply a "notion" on the Fordham Campus?

Turns out Congress feels the same, as Representative Steve King stated, sexual harassment is merely "a terrible concept". Read more here: "Herman Cain's Conservatives Denying Very Existence of Sexual Harassment"

Herman Cain (that slow smiling guy running for office) has turned the realm of sexual harassment into a boxing ring: you're either on his side or hers.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment in this country and many others is a game of victim versus "alleged" innocent-until-proven-guilty-perpetrator.

Who wins? Depends on who you're less sick of seeing every day in the media, who annoys you more to take the time to listen to, who are you less bothered by? Depends on: who you believe more.

If we keep playing this game, how do survivors of sexual violence stand a chance? No wonder 60% of assaults are not reported to the police. Look at the arena one has the face.

Here's what we're saying: Regardless of whether Herman Cain is guilty or innocent, if we grant him the benefit of the doubt not to slander his name, then let's AT LEAST give sexual assault survivors the justice they deserve and not belittle their cause all-together.

Thank you to everyone who came to Take Back the Night. The world may be full of Cain's and Kings, but at least we're fighting back.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Honey Badger Hits the Press!

Congratulations and more so... THANK YOU to the lovely Isis' honey badger Raven Diltz who wrote this inspiring and inquisitive piece on SlutWalkNYC 2011!

Doing justice through words!

An excerpt...

“Slut!” the word cut the air until it split, cracking onto my back like a whip. Sitting on the steps of the New York Public Library on 42nd and fifth with a book in my hands, I was wearing a pair of jeans, boots, and a sweater. Somehow, I knew the word was aimed at me. My head shot up, and my eyes focused on a small group of boys. They were teenagers, full of arrogance and obviously looking for a reaction.......
I closed my eyes for a second and smiled at the irony. The teenage boys were looking for a negative reaction to a violent word. But nothing they could think of doing to me, nothing that followed the violence of the word with violent actions, nothing at all, could keep me from being myself. So, I gave them a reaction. A simple smile and a wave. They were too confused to make another comment, and when I looked at them again, they had vanished into thin air.  

A Rant on the Rally

It's hard not to make comparisons between SlutWalk and Take Back the Night. Both are rallies against rape.

Take Back the Night was founded in 1975 on the notion that women should feel safe to walk the streets at night without the fear of being raped.

SlutWalk was founded in 2011 on the notion that women should feel safe about wearing what they want without the fear of being raped.

When urging friends or family to join Isis in marching at SlutWalk or simply showing up to Take Back the Night, I find I often have to explain and defend to them the above "notions".

The notion that women (and men) should not be raped. And if they are, there is no excuse.

Between the Brooklyn groper and the officer who offered the advice: "Don't you think your shorts are a little short?" it's evident that this whole "anti-rape" thing is not a trend nor is it a notion.

Ending violence against women and breaking the silence that surrounds it is far from a radical idea, it is an imperative to justice.

Creator of Vagina Monologues and founder of V-DAY Eve Ensler said, "The fact that we accept it, the fact that we don't think it's extraordinary, that it's outrageous. That it's obscene that this many women are being abused is the problem."

Our ultimate hope is that one day Take Back the Night, SlutWalk and Isis itself will be unnecessary...redundant. Redundant because hopefully one day women will receive equal rights in every way, every where. That the entire world will agree: yes, there is no excuse for rape, ever. We may not be changing the world Wednesday night, but at least we're showing up.

Stand up for some one. And if you don't know some one, stand up for yourself.

Take Back the Night.

Wednesday 10/26 6PM Student Lounge.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

These SLUTS are made for WALKin'

Fear not, my friends.  The V-Rebz come bearing good tidings.

The first of October - save the date, kiddiez.  
SlutWalk NYC 2011 is happening, and ISIS will sure as suga' be bringin' the naughtiness.

What is SlutWalk, you ask?
It's a march against victim blaming, against slut-shaming, against invasions of our sexual and human rights, against things we deal with in our daily lives that should not be happening.

Still a bit confused about the details of this parade for respect?
What is a "slut," anyway?   Do they even exist?

Come to the SlutWalk INFO meeting on Wednesday (9/28) @ 6 in the Student Lounge to learn and discuss.

See you there, lovers and friends.