Monday, February 28, 2011

Family Photoshoot

Our favorite sexist, Kyle M. (can't name names here, he is after all now part of the V-REBEL movement) took us out for a lovely photo shoot last week after our CoverGrrlz event.

The inspiration for the photo shoot started with the Pink wig a la minaj style:

Apparently, pink hair is a good look this season. Phewf.

So why the hell are we dressed in disguise? Why the: THIS IS NOT ISIS in the background?

Well this would be an opportune time to brief you on the ban! We ourselves, Vagina Vigilantes, have been perplexed by the bureaucracy, hypocrisy and schizophrenia of what is here by known as Fordham Student Affairs... but they run the shit, the school & incidentally, our souls.

They are the papa-bear of our student club baby-bears. As we attempt to understand exactly why The Vagina Monologues is banned at Fordham Lincoln Center, we've found over the years it much more efficient to simply keep a list.

It's like when you have an over load of errands and homework to do; doesn't adding numbers in front of them make it all look so much better? We've decided to do just that for you.

Why? Because we like you lots ;)

1. Student Affairs thinks Vagina Monologues is an "improper" way to talk about women's bodies
2. Student Affairs thinks Vagina Monologues promotes rape
3. Student Affairs has jurisdiction over all student clubs
4. Isis, Fordham's Feminist Club, must abide to Student Affairs protocol
5. Isis is banned from producing The Vagina Monologues
6. Student Affairs and Fordham Academics are separate entities
7. The Vagina Monologues may exist under the latter entity
8. The Vagina Monologues is sponsored by Women's Studies
9. The Vagina Monologues is produced by 5 girls who are the executive board of Isis

According to Student Affairs and Student Affairs only, the Vagina Monologues IS NOT sponsored by Isis. We know what you're thinking. What?! But it is sponsored by Isis! 5 girls in Isis are the same 5 girls under the guise of Women's Studies, right?! Nobody knows for sure.

To save your shock, we have done the graces of making sure nothing Vagina Monologues related, says Isis on it. We even put it in this picture, THIS IS NOT ISIS.

If you don't want us to be Isis, then we won't be. We will be the Vagina Vigilantes.

What do the Vagina Vigilantes do?

Produce Vagina Monologues, which gives 100% to women organizations around the world. Most importantly, safe houses which shelter girls in danger of rape, molestation and genital mutilation. Your Vagina Monologues ticket helps these houses exist.

Your ticket also helps the girls of GEMS, the ONLY NYC organization dedicated to ending sexual trafficking.

If we can't talk about vaginas, then we can't talk about sex.
If we can't talk about sex then we can't talk about rape.
If we can't talk about rape then we can't break the silence.

Student Affairs bans Vagina Monologues.
Vagina Monologues raises awareness about rape.
Vagina Monologues raises money to shelter women from rape.

Logical sequence. Do it.

God forbid, Isis sponsor Vagina Monologues. It would mean Student Affairs supports a play that gives 100& of it's profits to saving women and girls from rape.

This rant sponsored by,


These facts brought to you by official sources. Ask your local dean to verify: Mr. Jeffrey Gray, Vice President for Fordham Student Affairs. He doesn't post his e-mail but his assistant can forward your message:

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