Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gaga Got Proteinz

Gaga, once famed for donning meat, has this grammys-around opted for the egg.
Good choice Lady! Eggs are great! They are a great source of Omega-3z and Proteinz, minus the hormones and fattiez of the meats.

I think we get what you're saying. Last year you were a meat lover and now your an egg. This is an obvious hint that you are a feminist. Not that feminists can't love meat too, it's just that...most of us gots the eggs. And now you ARE an egg, meaning we GOTS you. Apparently you will birth from this egg later on tonight. Just like we will put on Vagina Monologues later on in March. OMFGZ, Gaga, are you trying to tell us something?! You love Isis?! We <3 you too. 

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