Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Come One, Come All 2 the Vagina Artz n Craftz Show!

We're baaaaaccccckkk *maniacal feminist laugh* !!! *which is rly just a regular person laugh tbh

Let's kick off V-DAY season with VAGINA ARTZ N CRAFTZ. Create your own (or your favorite wink wink wink V-A-G-I-N-A) 

None of that representational, hidden, secret, Georgia o keefe s*** either!

like srsly Georgia O.K. our vaginas have hair 1st of all?

Let's B tru artists here, O.K.? Real artists do real (and/or surreal) vaginas mmmk? This is a part of a larger vagina artists movement that we're pretty sure exists. A movement that combats erection (of buildings). Like who built these penis monuments, me wonders?
Said monument and/or nuclear power* plant. yes a POWER plant. #patriarchy ?

If entire buildings and machinez r based to look like penises the LEAST we can do is make some arts and crafts of our vaginas - otherwise how will future generations even KNOW what vaginas look like? Isn't that what art is about... showing people what things look like? 
ex. this shows what my brain looks like after midterm week...or fending off sexists...or lobbying for birth control (ALL OF THE ABOVE ALL THE TIME!)
Was going to use this rocket as vibrator, but way 2 sharp *FEMINIST PROBLEMZ* Did you know vibrators are illegal in some states? ROCKETZ SHLD B ILLEGAL EVERYWHERE, THEY'RE LIKE 100 X BIGGER THAN VIBRATORS

So when the feminist dreams, we dream of houses, art, and sculptures that look like vaginas... oh wait that already exists? V-DAY SAFE HOUSES! They're all over the world - where we help women fight against sexual violence! This is where $ from Vagina Monologues goes to. That's pretty much why we do everything we do, ever. Crafty vaginas or not. 

V day safe house for girls in Kenya, a shelter and education center for girls against genital mutilation. 

But hopefully one day we won't need safe houses because the world will be a safe place for girls around the world. 

Hopefully Vagina Artz n Craftz will soon b blase because of all the vagina shaped buildings being erected (eh em or should we say... coming?) to town. 


BYOM (bring ur own markers n materials if u like, we'll have some too though!) 

More about VDAY safe houses around the globe:VDAY OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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