Wednesday, March 2, 2011

({What We Stand For})

MWAHAHAHHAHAHAAHA! Officially taking over your interwebs, your cameras, your papers! 

We dressed up because, well, Student Affairs doesn't want you to know us. And as you can see, we take orders pretty well. Wigs, hats, unitards... can you tell who were are? Sincerely hope that the ultimate goal of Fordham Administration was reached through these hereby photos. 

Thank you Fordham Observer for covering us in the latest issue and exposing what, where, when & who are the Vagina Vigilantes? We're in love with what you decided to title it: I STAND FOR ENDING VIOLENCE. Yes! That's it! You got it. For years and years people ask, what is Isis? Why Vagina Monologues? Too bad you weren't there to answer: "they stand for ending violence."

In a word, [Fordham Observer] you are: magnifique. 

That is all that Isis (aka Vagina Vigilantes) is about. Nothing more and nothing less. 

Pick it up in print at your local Lincoln Center campus hallway. X. 

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