Thursday, March 3, 2011

We Present 2 U the "C" word

No...not "cunt." Who do you think we are anyways? Vagina Vigilantes? Gross.

bahahhaha! omfgz "Ollie the Dog" , we know u r really Bill O'Reilly. Stop puttin up deez hilurious posts; you got us rofling! u r so incognito lyke dat <3

Everyone knows "C" is for Contact:

What a great way for you to let us know if you love us, hate us, want to be us or more imporantly write for us!

First writing assignment: if your vagina could talk, what would it say?

This is obviously a really tough first project (we want to test your chops!) but we've found the best way to accomplish this one is to hold a microphone up to your crotch.

Wait for it...

THERE! Now what did it say? E-mail us & let us know. We'll definitely be posting these to the blog ;)
Anonymous (as always) if you please...



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