Thursday, March 3, 2011

With Production Underway, the Threats Begin

Watch dis controversial video, leaked on the youtubes:

Competition: there's ANOTHER V-Day anonymous group! What? Thus making us completely IRRELEVANT! G-Damn! Why the fudge didn't we think of a cloudy background first?

Clouds= Ominous= Wrath= Domination...

U guyz r so smart. But anon, we are only women and hence have smaller brains. It's science. 
But wait, is this video a threat? We hired a specialist to translate the video from robot to text, here are our discoveries:

"We've observed your project...we are aware of your control over the media and education system." OMG THEY KNOW?!

"Your ego-lomania will not go unpunished..."
I thought we got an ego-lomania-get-out-of-punishment free card? U tellin' me groupon isn't legit? Crap.

"We do not expect our campaign to be finished quickly"
Phewf. We hate it when guyz come too fast.

zomg what time? Can u plz make this punishment appointment before I go to the gym. Really, I gotta burn some cals.

Thanks IT! Looks GR8 !

2 b safe, our IT staff haz created this tentative fort blue plan. As u can c, there is indeed a watchtower. We realize that dis will probs take a long time to build and work doesn't come cheap, specially since we r selling the vag-pops below retail price for a discount of $2. But no rush! These robot-cloudz say that their campaign won't be finished quickly. And you know what that means: we got time.

So meanwhile we've just been practicing building forts to protect our organization and vaginas alike:

no ppl in dis pic cus we were at the gym, lyke we said be4
We r currently low on supplies with only a few chocolate vagina lollipops to suck on, plz send ur support @ to our laison who sits on Lowenstein Plaza starting March 7th. They will help u contact ur local state representative and find us amnesty with better chocolate conditions. 

Hopefully we will get wi-fi from our fort to keep u updated on all the latest newz.

Til then,


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