Thursday, April 7, 2011

Listen Up, Fordham:

Guilty as charged. Just finished up our last dress rehearsal for The Vagina Monologues. What started out as seemingly stressful, naughty, hilarious, rebellious and fun all of a sudden turned very serious and very real. While running through the monologues, it was soon realized that we were sitting with someone who had been raped. That "someone" is a cast mate, friend and Fordham student. It all started making sense: this is why we do Vagina Monologues. She said that until now, until she heard some one else act out their own confession that she too could break her own silence. 

Fordham doesn't want to talk about sex, they don't want to talk about your needs, they don't want to talk about what happened to you or what they can do for you, they don't want to talk about rape. If they won't then we will. 

Why does it take a banned play in the South Lounge that happens once a year  for the topic of sexual violence to arise, be discussed, and exposed on campus? And yes we realize there is a freshman year handbook-sexual-policy seminar: we're not referring to that. It doesn't count. But then again, neither do we I guess? We're not supported by student affairs are we?

All the more power for us to keep doing what we do. Why? Because perhaps no one else will.
But moreover:

Because we fucking can.

Thursday April 7
Friday April 8
Sunday April 10
8:30 pm
$7 Tickets @ South Lounge 8PM

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