Thursday, September 22, 2011

These SLUTS are made for WALKin'

Fear not, my friends.  The V-Rebz come bearing good tidings.

The first of October - save the date, kiddiez.  
SlutWalk NYC 2011 is happening, and ISIS will sure as suga' be bringin' the naughtiness.

What is SlutWalk, you ask?
It's a march against victim blaming, against slut-shaming, against invasions of our sexual and human rights, against things we deal with in our daily lives that should not be happening.

Still a bit confused about the details of this parade for respect?
What is a "slut," anyway?   Do they even exist?

Come to the SlutWalk INFO meeting on Wednesday (9/28) @ 6 in the Student Lounge to learn and discuss.

See you there, lovers and friends.

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