Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Rant on the Rally

It's hard not to make comparisons between SlutWalk and Take Back the Night. Both are rallies against rape.

Take Back the Night was founded in 1975 on the notion that women should feel safe to walk the streets at night without the fear of being raped.

SlutWalk was founded in 2011 on the notion that women should feel safe about wearing what they want without the fear of being raped.

When urging friends or family to join Isis in marching at SlutWalk or simply showing up to Take Back the Night, I find I often have to explain and defend to them the above "notions".

The notion that women (and men) should not be raped. And if they are, there is no excuse.

Between the Brooklyn groper and the officer who offered the advice: "Don't you think your shorts are a little short?" it's evident that this whole "anti-rape" thing is not a trend nor is it a notion.

Ending violence against women and breaking the silence that surrounds it is far from a radical idea, it is an imperative to justice.

Creator of Vagina Monologues and founder of V-DAY Eve Ensler said, "The fact that we accept it, the fact that we don't think it's extraordinary, that it's outrageous. That it's obscene that this many women are being abused is the problem."

Our ultimate hope is that one day Take Back the Night, SlutWalk and Isis itself will be unnecessary...redundant. Redundant because hopefully one day women will receive equal rights in every way, every where. That the entire world will agree: yes, there is no excuse for rape, ever. We may not be changing the world Wednesday night, but at least we're showing up.

Stand up for some one. And if you don't know some one, stand up for yourself.

Take Back the Night.

Wednesday 10/26 6PM Student Lounge.

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