Thursday, March 3, 2011

We Effing Love the Dictionary

Really we do. Definitions: so underrated! So here's another for the day:

Fordham seemed to be confused as to why we were "emphasizing" the fact that we are banned by Student Affairs? Answer: because we are! Not-supported, prohibited, censored; call it what you will, it is a ban. All roads lead to ban & not the fruity smelling deodorant kind...

We talkin' ban, as in, we ain't no Student Affairs club. If Fordham has an "issue" with us "saying" that then maybe they should change the facts: Isis is banned from running Vagina Monologues. Go ahead, change it! Can't say we'd complain.

Women's Studies, you're a-ok though. Thanks for your support. Maybe Ban Deodorant will sponsor us as well?

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